Many people have asked about the origins of our name - Full Punch. Not surprisingly, it has its roots in boxing. But it also plays well into the current state of marketing.

In boxing, the most dangerous thing a boxer can do is throw a half punch. This leaves the boxer off-balance, vulnerable, and worse, it's ineffective. Today, we're seeing too many brands throwing half punches. It's why 89% of brands go unnoticed. In marketing, this ineffective approach leads to familiarity and indifference.

This is why our name is Full Punch. We help brands define their stance, focus and follow through to make the lasting impact of a Full Punch. To do this, we leverage customer insight to transform brands across all touchpoints, to create brand action and to have meaningful connections with people. These connections span any discipline, including service design, product development, interactive media, and, yes, advertising too.

Published by Mike Leslie
A creative problem solver with a penchant for strategy and analytics, Mike is the President, Partner at Full Punch. Always calling Vancouver home, he has spent the majority of his career working throughout the Pacific Northwest, California and all across Canada managing small and large agencies, local and national brands. His experience brings unique insights to the entire marketing process.

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