One–Size Fits All Investing

RRSPs, TFAs, Mutual Funds, ETFs, Bonds, Hedge Funds. Despite there being so many options, consumers still had to sift through a lot of jargon and complex websites just to find generic investment products and uninspired advice. Conexus wanted to differentiate themselves and speak to people who simply wanted clear investing advice and investment products tailored to their specific objectives.

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Production
  • Digital/OLV
  • OOH

Tale of the tape.

>Whether you’re starting out, looking to double down, settle down, or hunker down, Conexus can meet your individual investing needs. The Saskatchewan-based credit union offers all the usual financial products, but more importantly, also has an army of savvy advisors who work with individual members to tailor investment strategies.

With this unique positioning, our strategy took shape. What if we offered each investor unique and tailored advice and a clear place to get it online?

Creative knockout.

We created very niche but relatable targeted headlines to express the idea that Conexus offered investment approaches for very specific types of consumers at different parts of their investment journeys. And to make them more memorable and eye-catching, we also made those same headlines the actual campaign URLs.

Whether it’s investing for “Folks that May Still Be Supporting Their Kids When They Retire” or “People Who Know You Can’t Get Rich Quick But Sure Want To Try”, we demonstrated that Conexus had the solutions they were looking for and made it pretty obvious precisely how to find that information with these Ridiculously Long URLs. Yes, even…

Leveraging digital, social, and out of home, we were able to target and retarget messages that continually adapted to the individual being targeted. This further demonstrated Conexus’ tailor-made approach to investing strategies, one designed for unique people with unique circumstances and even more unique investment needs.

And to reach young people just starting out on their investment journey, we created ads for TikTok that capitalized that platform’s unique AR filters. Using an aging effect, we showed users what even a small monthly contribution could grow to in 10, 25 and 50 years, while also showing what they might look like on a similar timeline. In both cases, the results were shocking…

Final Scorecard.

It turns out long URLs are effective. Especially among the younger audience we were targeting, with 58% of 18-34 year olds claiming this campaign was relevant to them. In the campaign tracker, 87% of respondents agree the campaign was differentiating from the competition, 50% agreed the campaign demonstrated Conexus understands their unique investment needs, and 38% of respondents are now more likely to consider Conexus for their investments. Importantly, the campaign tracker resembled real world results delivering a 10.75% CTR (vs. 3% platform benchmark), a 339% increase in web traffic to Conexus investment pages, and ultimately a campaign ROI of $10 to $1. As it turns out,