Another Boring Weekend

Sandman Hotel Group’s first campaign in over twenty years encourages Canadians to spend less on their accommodations so they can get away more—and make some new memories on their fridges while they do it.

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Brand Strategy
  • Broadcast Production
  • Content Production
  • Digital/OLV
  • Interactive Production
  • OOH

Tale of the tape.

As the post-pandemic spending spree wound down and inflation kicked in, travellers everywhere were dropping down a travel class to save money, but they weren’t cutting travel out. Travel is precious. And even in a down economy, getting away for a quick trip remained a priority for families. Sandman Hotel Group offers incredible value among midscale hotel brands, with 54 locations across Canada; Sandman Hotel Group was primed to pick up more than its fair share of travellers as an instigator of your very best travel experiences.

Consumer research has shown that when people stay at a Sandman Hotel, they come back more frequently than other midscale hotel brands. Their hospitality team delivers great on-site experiences, which translates to a very loyal customer base. The purpose of this campaign is to increase trial and consideration for those who have not yet experienced a Sandman vacation, helping them create precious travel memories that are affordable and fun.

Tapping into the insight that families love decorating their fridges with mementos of their favourite trips, Sandman offers such incredible value at so many great destinations, families have more money left over to make more fridge-worthy memories.

Creative knockout.

To bring this powerful insight to life, the family fridge was used as the backdrop, because we all know that, only the best memories make it onto the fridge. By focussing on making memories, we avoid the typical rational laundry list of amenities that plagues the category. Instead, we showcased the emotional benefits all families are seeking when it comes to travel.

At the centre of the campaign, a 30-second commercial tells the story of families making fridge-worthy memories by getting out and staying at any of Sandman’s 54 locations. On social media, stop-motion fridge magnets list various awareness and value-driven messages. At the same time, digital out-of-home showcases a variety of fridges full of family memories and headlines, reminding travellers how easy and affordable it is to make your next memory with Sandman Hotel Group.