Its Massive Menu

Canada’s iconic diner, Denny’s, has suffered from years of menu expansion, making it hard for diners to decide what to choose. Rather than simply culling their menu, Denny’s Canada put its dishes to the test by inviting guests to tell them what they really think.

  • Advertising Campaign
  • Brand Identity
  • Content Production

Tale of the tape.

The menu at Denny’s is so expansive that it’s almost like a book filled with pages of delicious food. To make their menu more digestible and shorter to read, Denny’s wanted to remove the lesser-known items and add some new dishes to their already iconic menu. Rather than a simple update, Denny’s wanted to make some noise about the changes and put the future of its menu directly in the hands of the people who make Denny’s so great—their guests. Introducing Denny’s Test Kitchen: An exciting invitation for the most discerning palates to try out new dishes and influence which ones become permanent features on the new menu.

Creative knockout.

Our campaign tapped into the universal insight “Everyone’s a critic.” From kids to adults, parents, and grandparents, everyone has their own opinion on what tastes good and what food makes you come back for more. Denny’s is famous for offering something for everyone, so we decided to put that to the test with a campaign that proves it with both new and legendary dishes.

The awareness campaign puts Denny’s guests on the judge’s panel and in a position of power. Featuring the faces of its many fans approving or disapproving of different dishes in a lighthearted and spirited tone that grabs attention and invites participation. Interior and exterior signage, branding and social round out the campaign and invite guests to put the Test Kitchen menu to the test.

There’s no better way to shape the future of our menu than by inviting our community to give their unfiltered opinions on which dishes live up to the test.